Need help with my potential PHD Supervisor


Hey everyone!

So I went to a University in Canada to speak with Graduate studies coordinator to learn more about the program. While visiting, I bumped into the Chair of the department who is one of the Supervisors that I would love to work with. When he realized I was there for a visit, he invited me to his office to discuss this further. I told him about my future plans and about me wanting to go into academia, and he suggested I skip Masters and roll into PhD instead (because I had 4 years of wet lab experience). He also mentioned that he is recruiting students for fall, and that he isnt guaranteeing anything now but does think I would be an excellent candidate. He asked about my GPA and when I told him he said it sounds good. Bottom line, he asked me to send him my CV and Transcript so he can check if I can fast track into PHD and insisted he would get back to me soon to advice me further. I emailed him on Thursday, (he checked my linkedin profile two hours after I emailed him). Today is Tuesday and he hasn't responded.

I know they can be very busy and I completely understand, but how should I follow up without sounding too annoying|? Should I do it through phone or email? And does him offering such on our initial non planned meeting sound promising? Would love to hear your feedbacks!

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I would give it a month before emailing him again and apply elsewhere while waiting. He probably doesn't have the funding yet and it is nearly a year away, so he won't want way to say anything now. It sounds like you have made a good impression and you have a good chance but be patient. There is nothing wrong applying for Master's or PhD elsewhere while you wait if you want more security.