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Potential supervisor said she will contact references- no response

Hey all,

So I met with a potential supervisor at an Open day and she seemed very excited at my research interest as it aligns with hers. She said she is recruiting students for Fall 2020 and she would want me on her team but wants to contact my references and will then get back to me. I know she contacted one already, and I know they gave a great feedback, but it's been more than two months now without hearing from her.
Should I contact her and ask if she needs any extra info or wait?


Need help with my potential PHD Supervisor

Hey everyone!

So I went to a University in Canada to speak with Graduate studies coordinator to learn more about the program. While visiting, I bumped into the Chair of the department who is one of the Supervisors that I would love to work with. When he realized I was there for a visit, he invited me to his office to discuss this further. I told him about my future plans and about me wanting to go into academia, and he suggested I skip Masters and roll into PhD instead (because I had 4 years of wet lab experience). He also mentioned that he is recruiting students for fall, and that he isnt guaranteeing anything now but does think I would be an excellent candidate. He asked about my GPA and when I told him he said it sounds good. Bottom line, he asked me to send him my CV and Transcript so he can check if I can fast track into PHD and insisted he would get back to me soon to advice me further. I emailed him on Thursday, (he checked my linkedin profile two hours after I emailed him). Today is Tuesday and he hasn't responded.

I know they can be very busy and I completely understand, but how should I follow up without sounding too annoying|? Should I do it through phone or email? And does him offering such on our initial non planned meeting sound promising? Would love to hear your feedbacks!