Need participants for study on Facebook


Hi! I am collecting data for my PhD and am short of adult Facebook users over the age of 25. If you are actively using Facebook, could you answer the survey? Participants will be entered into a draw that will enable them to win gift cards from Itunes or Amazon. Here's the link:

Thank you in advance for your help!


I noticed a slight bug - I got an error message saying 'There is 1 unanswered question on this page' even though I had given an answer in every box.

It was the page that starts with 'Instructions: Think of one CLOSE friendship that you...'

Good luck with your research!


HI Reenie! Thank yo so much for your reply, and for answering the questionnaire. I will check out the bug. :-)


Still need more participants... am glad to return the favor to anyone who fills this in. Thank you!


I started this survey and I could tick more than one box, and then I could not untick it.


Hi marasp. Sorry for the trouble. I got your recorded response, I believed you stopped at the Facebook feature part? All responses before that was OK. I am not sure what went wrong, but you can try to refresh? Thank you for your help!


Just finished the questionnaire :-)

I am also looking for participants in my study and was wondering whether you would be so kind to help me too? It's only gonna take 10 minutes. I would be really grateful for this!

This would be the link:


Hi Katie. Thank you so much for completing the survey. I did yours too. Good luck for your study! :-)


Need a couple more to go. Hope anyone here can help! Thank you!


Just a 3/4 more responses needed!