New job, research, and a long wait


An update for those who have not read my previous posts: I resubmitted my thesis 1 month ago, and I currently work full time making sandwiches... with a funky job title 'sandwich artist'. I had to hide all my postgraduate qualifications in order to get the job.

News about my job: well, I have to quit my current job, as I found another one: doing some university teaching. It does not pay that well (fewer hours), but obviously I will take it. There is A LOT of bullying at my sandwich making job. People treat me like rubbish - this is normal in fast food jobs, I hear.

I am looking forward to quitting. Also, I have decided to go abroad for two months for research, before my new job starts in the end of September.

For once, I am now *realistic*. I prioritise: I place academia and my research first.

Considering the long wait for the thesis examination, I was told by my supervisor that the external is uber busy, and I won't get any results before the end of October... A 5 month waiting! (Pineapple, I bet that this reminds you of something?).

Question: OK, I will quit making sandwiches in writing, but I have only worked there for a month. I have to give one week's notice. Should I be honest and tell the boss the truth about why I am quitting?


Congratulations on resubmission. For me, it's 3 month wait since April. Keep fingers crossed.


Congratulations on the job! However low paid and minimal hours it's a step in the right direction.

As for telling your boss the real reason for leaving? I doubt that they'll care, you'll be replaced quickly.


Congrats! Your new job is way better than your current job. At least you will work in a university, making you closer to academia. I agree with kikothedog. Your boss will not care.


I agree, your boss will not care, but tell them anyway.

Tell that that you will soon have a PhD and you are moving to better things. Tell them that you they should not treat their employees like crap. Tell that you deserve better and so do the rest of their employees.


Congratulations on the new job Marasp.

At least you have some idea when to expect your result! I submitted in August with an expected Nov result date, which turned into December, then mid January, with no explaination as to why. :( Got there in the end and now up to my eyes in postdoc stuff and lecturing. IT IS possible to pass after this nightmarish phase. All the best with the wait- try and keep busy x

I was in a similar situation Marasp, ie working in a poorly paid position before starting my current posts. I just handed my notice in and left it at that. In hindsight, probably should have provided them with feedback as they treated their staff terribly, but not sure they would have taken any notice to be honest.


Cyanfield, good luck with your thesis. Thank you guys and girls. Yes, it feels much better. I knew that something better would turn up but I did not expect it to happen so quick. I have been patient with the other job, as I need the money, but no more patience now. I will make as much as I can and then go in a couple of weeks. Yes, the boss won't care, I bet you. And even if I p*** her off, what's the deal? I am not going to ask her for any references anyway. I still volunteer for an institution, and they are my reference, together with my supervisor.

But I need to give my current boss a week's notice, and (I suppose) work on that week. My contract states that if I don't give notice they will keep one week's wages. Which means that I should not announce my resignation until the very last moment, and work for a week after announcing it. I will probably write a very generic resignation letter, telling them that I quit because of going abroad for a long time, which is part of the truth.


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OK, I will quit making sandwiches in writing, but I have only worked there for a month. I have to give one week's notice. Should I be honest and tell the boss the truth about why I am quitting?

I say be honest and proud! You've done the admirable thing of taking a job when needed even though you're far more qualified for it and now there's no shame in saying you've found something better. Congratulations!

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Tell your old boss that you have been given a new job that utilises your postgraduate studies and is in line with your future plans (sort of clumsy but in that line). I wouldn't bother with discussing the bullying-it is not likely to change your sandwich nazi boss or the way they treat their employees. And then enjoy that wonderful feeling in your final few days of "this is the last time I have to….' There is a form of joy in finishing something properly-even when it is a job you don't like.

And congratulations-well done for all your hard work and getting the new position. Maybe it doesn't pay super well just yet but it is a real start in the right direction! :)


Do what you interested and you will be improved,tell them honestyly.come on!



I would say do tell your boos before leaving about this great news! and also the hard time that you and other colleagues were given while working. Be their voice. May be it will make a difference and the next time the management might treat its employees better.
Good luck for the future goals!