NRES ethics form




i realise i should clarify this a bit. Has anyone else had to do this? I've been working on my ethics application for months and everytime i think i've finished more stuff comes along that needs clarifying or changing, and i havn't even submitted it yet! Just wanna get it in and off my desk. Then again a big ethics submission was rejected last week in my department and I don't want that to happen to me.


I am just about to start on the ethics bit, my supervisor says if I can get it past them, then it is certain to get through the other stages. The thing is, I can't see what I need to include. Most of the material I will be using is already in the public domain, and the data collection will not be personalised in any way. As for my masters I will explain how anyone can set up an anonymous e-mail for this purpose, and most of those I have forewarned about needing assistance are ready and eager to go. So, what are the main problems?