Optimum PhD Position


All other things being equal (project, supervisor etc.) then would itbe better for your future to take an Astrophysics PhD position inOxford or Cavendish at Cambridge? Or does it not make a great deal of difference?

Thank you!


Hmm I like Oxford.

But I also like Cavendish.

There's only one way to find out...



As Pierre indicates, I really don't think there's going to be much between them. I suppose you could do a bit of research into which is more renowned (though they'll both consist of super geniuses). Horses for courses.


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Visit both if you can and choose the one you like best. Are there open days you can go to? Try to get a feel of both places including the town areas and accommodation and choose the one that you think will fit you best. Oxford and Cambridge are both exceptional institutions so you're not going to miss out on reputation by choosing one over the other.


Do as Milly_cat suggests - visit both and see which you feel most comfortable in - you'll be there for quite a while so if all else is equal academically it'll come down to the more personal aspects. Both are great places - but I'd say Cambridge ;-)