Paranoia strikes


I have my viva very soon (next 48 hours). I mailed my sup to ask her alot of questions e.g. if i fail .. if i swear in the viva... if i this that and the other. She replied 'you are not going to fail' etc etc. then i get a text from another academic saying - see you tomorrow dr. Why are they saying this stuff. Its freaking me out. Like I feel they are saying this stuff to make me feel better but I just feel like i am going to fail so at the same time I feel they are patronising me. I now have a load of butterflies in my tummy. Agrh. I know nothing!!!!!!!!!!


Negativelady you have to calm down! You're right that this is paranoia, people (with solid experience) are expressing confidence in your abilities and you should take the compliments as they're intended. The viva scares the crap out of everyone and it's natural for you to be worried, but your feelings are just that, worries. They aren't insights of great clarity and they aren't omens.
Take a deep breath and try to believe in yourself :-)


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Teek is right.  You're being ridiculous. They are saying 'this stuff' as a show of support you div. ;-)

Good luck! (yes, I'm aware of the irony here and I'm NOT being patronising!)


You are all right. I am trying to calm down. Legally blonde is on in the background whilst I'm trying to do last minute prep.... dont know how much i am taking in though! xx


Good luck, I'm only at MSc level so can't say I know how you feel, but I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Try to calm yourself down though, it will probably go much better than you think, Nx


Don't panic it sounds to me like they are confident that everything is going to be fine so feel reassured and not patronised! GOOOOD LUCK!!!


Do not listen to this stuff. Everything depends on you and the words are just only words. You know, we sometimes face the situations when it's essential to pull yourself together and go ahead without hesitation and panic ;-)