phd admission


how to get admitted in phd to the persons below 60
% in their masters


Hi, it depends on a few factors such as: undergraduate mark, subject, previous university and the university you want to do a PhD, whether your masters is related to your PhD, other experience, feasibility of topic, availability of supervisors. Good luck


dear i think the results at masters level does matter but a strong and good research proposal is solid base for a sure admission in Phd. Well the marks at masters level will affect the studentship competition wherein the marks has lot of weightage. Yes another thing is a good reference from a professor also plays an importatn role. cheers good luck


I guess what matters more is a good reserach proposal/idea.
At least that matterd for me (social science). I had a first degree in education with grade 7,49/10, and two masters with a pass (an MA and an MBA), but I was accepted at all unis I applied