PHD finally


Hi everyone, I submitted my corrections and have now been awarded the Phd - finally :-).
This is just a thank you to all the people on this forum who have been a massive help over the whole write up period as well as the viva and re-submission, who helped me through their encouragement, sharing experiences and stories as well as funny moments.There are so many people I want to thank but im sure I will end up not mentioning everyone -( if i miss you out it was unintentional and I apologise in advance) , Ady - thanks for having such an open hand with articles, Sneaks your stories always inspired me and made me laugh, Skig and Dunni73 - for your words of encouragement, Mak_2011 for always having a positive word for everyone, Keenbean, BilboBaggins, Delta, Dr.Corrine, Pineapple29 all of you for making this journey that little bit more bearable :-)

Thats all for now - I do wish everyone who is in the journey all the very best and keep strong and on this forum because someone else has gone through what you are dealing with now :-).....

I am now faced with the age old question when do i start to refer to myself as Doctor- I thought there would be a moment when someone tells you ' start now' - oohhh well onwards and upwards

I hope to come back often and contribute whenever I can because I know many people need the same support that i recieved here.

Cheers once again xxx


Congratulations, Dr. Naturalme! Very well done. (up)


Same here, very well done.

If it helps, as soon as I passed over the bound copies to admin a member of the university said 'thank you, Dr Delta' but I've been told I can officially use the title once senate have agreed everything.


Terrific news Dr Naturalme, I'm delighted for you :-)(gift)

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Congratulations Doctor Naturalme, hope the celebrations are truly awesome: well done on your completion and brilliant results!

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Well done Dr Naturalme! Massive congratulations!
You can definitely call yourself Dr now.

Hearing positive stories is always inspiring, even after my own completion, and reading your successful story today has injected me - and I think many other participants to the forum - with lots of energy and positive thinking!

Best of luck with all your future projects! (gift)(gift)(gift)


Woohoo! Fabulous news Dr Naturalme! Many congratulations on passing your doctorate and enjoy some very well deserved celebrations. Everyone who undertakes a PhD goes on a unique journey to get there, very few unscathed ;-) I think that is all part of the 'rite of passage' and you have also been there too. (gift)


Congrats! Wonderful news! 8-)


Well done and congratulations Dr!!!!!!! Your post is ever so encouraging to me as I have also received the re-submission verdict. It shows me that it is possible to resubmit my thesis successfully if I work hard.

All best for the future. The best is yet to come.



I disappear for a little while and come back to hear this?? Great news! I'm so thrilled for you!