PhD interview finally!!!


after 7 months of applying and nearly giving up hope I finally have an interview in 3 weeks time!!! I need hints, tips, advice, anything really!! please help I think I'm panicking! ,-)
what should I wear? how do I prepare? any universal PhD interview questions? or specific ones?
I look forward to your replies


My golden rule number 1 top of the table premier tip...

If they ask "Why do you want to do a PhD?", it's not a good idea to say "I don't know what else to do", or "There aren't any jobs available"...

What to wear - whatever you feel comfortable in.  Smart trousers and a shirt looks good, but a suit isn't necessary. If you feel better in a suit, though, then wear one.

Preparation - depends on what kind of PhD the interview's for, but generally as long as you know a bit about the area the PhD is covering, a bit about the department, what they specialise in, and you know why you want to do a PhD, that's the main thing.

Universal questions - "Why a PhD?",  "Why this subject area?", "What can you give to a PhD?", "What will you get from a PhD?", "Why this university/department?", "What background do you have in this area?".

Good luck, and remember, even if you don't get it, it's valuable interview practice and experience :-)


Search this forum for 'interview' and you should find lots of threads on the subject :)

My advice to add - make sure you can talk confidently about any research or project work you've done, i.e. your final-year undergrad project, or a master's project if you've done one, it's common to be asked to describe this.

Also, be positive and enthusiastic. I got rejected for a PhD place earlier in the year and when I asked for feedback was told I was a good applicant and it was a close decision, but in the end they gave it to the other person because they displayed more enthusiasm for the project and the subject in general. I was a bit annoyed at the time, because I'm quite a reserved and quiet person and don't tend to get all bubbly and excited outwardly, it doesn't mean I'm not interested and committed. But I can see their point, enthusiasm makes a good impression.


thanks 4matt and ephiny, i know what u mean bout being slightly reserved and not all bubbly all the time but i guess we gotta fake it in the interview. i dunno bout the full suit thing but i'll definitely go for the shirt and tie thingy, I mean i've gotta train journey of 2 an a half hours to get to my interview!!
thannks for the advice peeps!
regards, Asim