PhD interviews pre-funding?


Hi all,

I'm finalising my proposal in the social sciences with help from potential supervisors, and soon to send off my PhD application before sending my ESRC funding application.

Are you only interviewed for funding, or is it common to be interviewed for the PhD place too before you even apply for funding? The uni website doesn't say if the application process involves an interview.

Also, are the funding interviews and subsequent ranking conducted by the potential supervisors or by external ESRC selectors?


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I am sorry no one else has answered this. I applied for a fully funded role in engineering, so what I say might be wrong.

Getting the funding is the harder than getting accepted for a PhD. The PhD application will probably be a formality, ie do you meet the entry requirements and have a realistic research project? Having people interested in being your supervisor is a good sign and they can guide you if there is an interview.