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Hi guys,

This is my first ever post here, but I've lurked on viva-related threads a few times and thought I'd ask your opinion on something. Yesterday, I passed my PhD viva with no corrections, obviously I'm delighted, especially given my terrible nerves and doubts beforehand. But I'm wondering, in a general way, if anyone puts 'no corrections' on their CV, or if it's just a nice thing one keeps to oneself (unless asked). I have a sense that it would look really brattish to mention the 'no corrections' thing, so I'm wondering if it would be a legitimate thing to mention. I know that when competing for jobs and postdoc positions, what matters are publications, evidence of pro-activeness (getting funding for things, giving papers, organising conferences etc), and references. So in light of that, would it be pointless to mention that I passed with no corrections, or is it worth putting down?

What would / do you guys do?

Thanks for any replies! :-)

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I've not done it yet, but I think it would look a bit brattish. I'd save it for when people ask. I would be tempted to put down examiners if they are high profile though


It's a fantastic and rare achievement and so well done. However, it looks brattish when documented, in my opinion.

Well done!


Congratulations. It's a great achievement to have completed your PhD and a nice relief for you to have no corrections. But no, I would never put that on a CV. If I was reviewing CVs I wouldn't think any less of someone with minor corrections, and thus wouldn't think any more of someone with no corrections.


As an aside, I don't mind anyone knowing I had minor corrections and if they ask I'll tell them but is this documented on the certificate? Is there anyway someone can find out?


Well done vegangirl for passing your PhD. That in itself is a great acheivement. There is much comfort to have the least corrective work which means you can just finalise your thesis. However, to attain a PhD with no corrections, minor or major revisions is not on the certificate and should not be a consideration on a CV. A PhD is not a graded award and therefore equal credit should be given to those who had no corrections or those who resubmittied post viva. The prestige is to have accomplished a PhD not necessarily the way it was examined.



I don't have the answer to your question, but do u mind if I ask, how did u make it/ steps that u took that enabled u to pass without any corrections? Would u mind to share the tips? Thanks




I disagree with everyone else. I've never heard of someone getting no corrections, so CONGRATULATIONS! I don't think it is brattish at all. If I had received the same I WOULD be putting it on my CV. (as it stands I got minors). It certainly is something to celebrate. Well done you!


I think it might be a bit odd to put it on your cv, I've never heard of anyone doing this (though I only know one person who passed with no corrections!). But I know it's a competitive world out there, so you could argue that anything that makes you stand out a bit from the crowd might be worth doing.

It's a fantastic achievement either way, you should be very proud and happy :)



I think it'll depend on your field to be honest... For example, in my field, I have to add grades for everything from GCSEs! But in my brother's he doesn't. Employers are quite happy just to know he has a degree and this and masters in this and this etc.

So I'd say just follow your past experience.


When you have passed your Phd with no corrections that is a significant achievement and yes of course you would put it on your CV because it might be the difference in getting the interview. If you had a 1st class honours degree or distinction you would put this on your CV for the same reasons. When you pass your PhD at the University I attended the school/department always email everyone staff/postgraduates who has passed and whether they have corrections. They also state PhD student who don't have corrections and that it is a significant achievement. So do put it on your one is ever going to ask you and if you don't put it on your CV then you might just miss out on the interview


Interesting question and I feel the answer is different depending on if you are in academia or industry. I do know someone who passed with no corrections and they do not even use the title Dr and the PhD is not referenced on their CV or LinkedIn profile (let alone say they passed with no corrections).


This question was posted 5 years ago guys so I doubt the OP has this dilemma anymore(!)


You never know!!! :D