Phd proposal


Dear friends please help me out of dilemma i have applied for admission in university of surrey and i have got admission the research topic and advisor are top class and area of research is excellent but i only receive some tution remission for my study but my advisor promised for funding in subsequent years i currently hold Tier 1 visa my plan is if i am not able to get funding nest year i can go part time in second year and then change back to full time is it possible to do that please advice me in this regard



Hi Krishna,

I think you should ask someone at the university - perhaps a postgraduate advisor, or administrator, or your supervisor. I know that it is possible to switch to part time study, if you are having financial difficulties, and so I don't see why you couldn't just switch back later on if you manage to get funding. Your best bet is to ask the university, because different subjects and institutions have different regulations as far as this is concerned. Good luck.