PhD submitted!!


Hey all!

After having four copies of my thesis bound this morning and then seeing a typo and having to get it printed and bound again (another 3 times!), I have finally submitted! Managed to get it in a few days early so now have 8 days to prepare for my interview this Wednesday, and my viva next Wednesday!

Quite anxious (have lost over a stone in 7 weeks!) but not as bad as I thought I'd be at this stage. Got a very big week coming up though! Eeeeeek!

Best, KB


Excellent! Well done. Good luck for the interview. That's your first priority. I think you will already be well prepared for the viva, with your thesis so recent/fresh in your mind.


That's brilliant! Congrats! Fingers crossed for next week! :-)

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woooo congratulations!

Also you give me hope - 1 stone in 7 weeks! I'm hoping I go the same way and don't put on a stone (which is my usual reaction to stress)


hi kb!!!
well done!!!! thanks for the wonderful news
you'll do very very well
love satchi

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Woo, that's brilliant, congratulations!


congrats!!!! :-)


Fabulous news, well done KB! It will be a mad week for you but at least it is fresh in your mind and will be over very soon. Good luck with the interview and viva (up)


Well done! :-) Must be a great feeling. :-)


Well done that woman!(up)


How wonderful- well done KB(up)


Fantastic! You will be brilliant - adrenaline is still running high, so just keep going!
Remember to reward yourself. Here is a virtual mini-cake (mince)


Inspirational! Well done :)

And good luck with what's still to come.


Nice one KB, well done. Good luck Wed and Wed week (up)


Way to go, KB! Congratulations on your achievement! That is indeed great news! All the very best for your viva (up)!