PhD superstitions?

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I have two main superstitions...

1) I won't let myself write my acknowledgements until the very last moment


2) I won't let myself 1.5 space my writing (I write in 1 space to begin with), until I've finished a section.

I think I'm crazy.


I wouldn't fully justify my text until I considered the draft virtually finished. Until then it's a nice raggedy mess in progress :p


agree with the acknowledgements, def tempting fate for me! Also won't slot them in 'til minutes/seconds before printing it in case supv cries 'hang on a minute, what's your theoretical framework again???' :$


Yes totally agree with the acknowledgements, I couldn't write it until I had a thesis to put it in lol. I wouldn't add a chapter into the 'thesis' document until it was written and comments completed.


After finishing a piece of writing, normally in the small hours of the morning, I listen to a particular song before going to bed. This has been the way since undergraduate years. Even though musical taste has changes somewhat!!


I like to get my formatting done early. I hate the way raggedy test looks!

Don't think I'e got any superstitions. MAybe I need to get some!



I do both of those things too, but i did'nt think either was particularly strange

Acknowledgements seems reasonable - don't want to tempt fate plus opinions of people may change if you don't pass. I did'nt have any acknowledgements in the submitted version, I put these in after I passed.

Formatting - I don't do any of this untill i'm happy with a body of text and it is complete, my way of signing it off as a done job I suppose.

I don't think i'm crazy at all


I don't think you're crazy at all. Goran Ivanisevic wouldn't play at Wimbledon without having watched the teletubbies.
That's nowhere near phd quirkiness, lol.