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hi helloo all

iam in final semester of Software Engineering degree(Malaysia) and mycgpa is 3.61 so far..... and i have published 2 journals and 2articles, so now i want to go for Master degree but due to my financialproblem i cant get in to master. so i want u all people can guide meproperly related to scholarship.

And yeah one more thing, can i go directly to PHD without master...what are the pros and cons???

Any help will be appreciate related to scholarship,Guidelines and etc...

thanks in advance....


An appreciation of grammar would be a good start.

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Hi Rahman,

In Australian Universities, a Phd may be possible without a Masters if

1 You have a First Class or 2.1 Honours Degree (2.1- meaning Second Class 1st Division). Scholarships for such degrees for International Students, that pay both your tuition fees and provide living expenses would be more competitive though; that is, if you are coming from overseas.

So you usually do want to have a very, very good first-many universities here have a way of grading first class degrees as well, particularly with their really competitive courses and for lucrative scholarships. (First class division 1- division 2, division 3, etc).

2 If you don't have honours then you need to have completed a course that includes a substantial research paper or thesis OR you can prove that your publications are equal in value to a very good honours degree or a Masters thesis. The grades for your Masters thesis ( or substantial research paper) must be distinction or higher.

For most universities in Australia, (particularly the higher ranking instititutions) having one of the above is mandatory whether you are a domestic (local) or international student.

However, the course that come with substantial scholarships are extremely competitive and most of these are retained for local students. I think that scholarships for international students would be far more competitive still. (This is because the government make a great deal of money out of international students through the fees-so they are not as generous with the scholarships).

The best way to get the information about these though, is to search for courses that you are interested in, then go onto the website of the institution that offers it and check out the information under the Research tab. This is usually really extensive and very detailed, so it takes a bit of time and patience.

However, this information applies to Australia, so there may be different opportunities in other countries that other posters might be able to tell you about.

Good luck-don't worry too much about the grammar comment-it is important to write clearly for your studies. However, most countries have moved beyond the belief that only BBC standard English is acceptable nowadays thankfully. All forms of discourse, dialect and linguistic codes are acceptable provided they communicate clearly and appropriately. (People tend not to use 'text speak' too much on this forum however.)

Good luck(up)


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Maybe it depends on the institution - I can only speak for mine, but I applied for a PhD without a masters & the university told me I had to take 2 masters modules within my first year of research.

I hope it works out well for you, Mog :-)



I got a PhD studentship with a first class honours degree, no masters and no publications. My problem was the same as yours: I simply couldn't afford to do a Master's and was actually advised that I would find it easier to get funding for a PhD than a Master's. In an ideal world I would have done a Master's first; it's another feather to your cap and gives you a) the time to attend conferences etc. for cv enhancement and b) the chance to increase your general knowledge of your subject before your plunge into the depths of your chosen speciality in the PhD. In terms of motivation and research capabilities, however, I don't it's made much difference at all as a PhD is so different to any kind of taught course. As to whether you might get accepted without a master's, it depends on so many variables that it's impossible for us to say. Personality and enthusiam count for much more than some people realise, for a start. But it's certainly possible. Good luck.


I'd agree with keep calm, it's entirely possible but requirements do vary from place to place. I got into my phd with a 2.1 honours degree and a year in industry, no masters or publications. A lot of four year phd programs now include a masters or rotation year before starting your phd project, so that could be another option if you need more experience before beginning your research.


Hey! It does vary according to subject, so you really need to check it out with individual universities. I am in a completely different field to you but for my subject an MSc is an absolute requirement even with a first class degree, yet for other subjects people have no problems getting on to a PhD with just a 2.1 at undergrad level and no publications, experience etc. So best to email the departments you are interested in and check before you make your next move! Best of luck, KB


Thank you very much to all...i really appreciate your all advices and guidelines......(up)

well...I am intrested in 2 different kind of fields
1. Computer design and Optimization
2. Augmented Reality

but i don't know how to find a scholarship and how to get in those phd programmes...
any one can help me out regarding the above 2 fields and would like to know also if any one is already in this field...
thank you once again ...


thanks to all...

but i really want to find some information regarding my case and i don't have that much experience and knowledge about getting in to the PHD. program. any one can guild me the general procedures to find the scholarships and apply procedures and their experiences...i know that every university has their own disciplines....but am asking a general procedures..i am looking more into National University of Singapore but i can try more in other countries but i prefer to go to some prestigious University... :p

currently status :
Published 2Articles & 2 Journals ,
3.61 CGPA,
did 2 months Internship at Web Development Solution Co.,
did 4 months Internship at Panasonic R&D as a Software Engineer,
Nokia Widget competation(1st price)

so i would like to know does this all effects also to get scholarship and get int directly to PHD programmes

regards to all


hi Rahman
well done on your academic progress!!!
I think with your >3.5 cgpa and achievement, you will be able to get somewhere!!!
Have you looked into scholarships from your own government? I have seen Malaysian students being generously funded, their whole families come along and everybody is happy. Some even stay longer than usual.
I think you have a high advantage!

There should be some kind of Academic Training Programme sponsored by your government. ASK around. If you go on this, when you finish, you already have an academic post waiting for you. I think its wonderful. If this option if available for you (to apply) from home, then home is a good place to start looking.

Alternatively you can put yourself on the mailing lists of scholarship websites.
And then go from there, check the ones you are interested in.

Japan is also a very good place for PHD scholarships but from what I heard, it is quite difficult and then again I also heard that a Japanese phd is highly valued in your country.

I would say, it takes from 6 months to 1 year to make your application etc. For me, it was less than 6 months. But I was lucky.

You have plenty of time and bright prospects!!! best of luck
happy satchi