Post Doctoral Fellowship Interview - Any Advice


Hi Everyone
This time almost to the day I was two days away from submitting my thesis...I have no idea where the year has gone. Good luck to all of you submitting soon and those with vivas coming up. I can honestly say, it may seem tough right now but you will get through more than you ever thought you could handle and will look back with relief, one year on.

I have a question for anyone who has had a post-doc fellowship interview. I have been invited to an interview next Wednesday, it is only 30 minutes with a panel of 4 people, including the main supervisor of my PhD. He is not giving away anything and I know he just sees me as one of the candidates, he is a hard core academic.

Why is the interview so short? Is this a common length, no presentation either?. Also, what type of questions could be asked by the independent interviewer? I also have a subject based interviewer and my Prof. who is interviewing for this particular field to do research with him. The 4th is an HR person.

Any advice or tips, very welcome.
Thank you in advance
PN (Is this the right forum to post to?)


Hi PinkNeuron. I've had a few post doc interviews and half an hour with a panel an no presentation is pretty normal. I'd expect questions about your PhD - brief summery, main findings, some related questions to your experience, particularly things listed in the job specification/person specification. I'd expect to be asked a couple of questions about the project itself, testing your knowledge of the area (if it's the same field as your PhD this one should be pretty easy for you!). Maybe something about your career aims/plans and why you are interested in this post-doc fellowship. I generally find there isn't that much you can do to prepare other than reading around the topic and looking at some papers by the PI and try not to get too nervous (or is it just me that gets really nervous for interviews!)

Interestingly I also have an interview for a post-doc fellowship next Weds. Beginning to wonder if it's the same one......PM me if you are interested to find out!


Meant to add, good luck for the interview!


Thanks catalin! Yes, I do know the field well and the PI's work, so I think I just need to see it as a question and answer session.

That will be bizarre if it is the same interview!!! Will PM you :)