Post-Viva gift for supervisor?


I was thinking of buying a thank you gift for my main supervisor but not sure what to buy. I don't know him that well and don't even know if he drinks. So not sure if I should buy him wine or whiskey (which seem to be a popular choice for my fellow PhD students). I was thinking perhaps chocolates, or a nice pen (not sure if I should get it engraved in that case, and what to engrave though).

What have people bought/are planning on giving their supervisor(s) as a token of thanks?


My main gift for my supervisor was a copy of my final hard bound thesis, along with a handwritten card.

Though I did also buy him some CDs full of historical directories, as an extra pressie later, because I knew he would appreciate those.

Whatever you think is appropriate will probably be fine. But my supervisor mainly wanted a copy of my thesis :)


I know what i plan to buy ... may seem very odd but I love paperweights, Caithness in particular ( is advertising ok on here ?).

They're useful, plus tasteful and, i don't know why, but for me has connotations of intelligence. have i lost the plot ? :p I suspect so.



I gave mine a copy of my thesis and a DVD of Shaun the Sheep! He really likes the programme and I found one he did nothave. As he does not drink it was a little difficult as it is so easy to buy champers.