Procastination: what's your favourite font?


I am using Calibri for my chapter at the moment, although I have a soft spot for Georgia.

Comic Sans should die.

And yes, this is a serious and profound question - you have to stare at the damn thing every day! :-)


I'm an arial fan...... :-)

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Hey, interesting thread, for us geeky PhD types anyhow.

I have reverted to times roman after a flirtation with arial. Just feels more suitable and less jarring for academic stuff, for some reason.


Calibri, but my sup will only tolerate Times New Roman.

Could anybody explain what WingDings is?


my fave is Lucida sans.

Wingdings are dingbat/symbol fonts. Useful when you don't have time or knowledge of creating your unique icons. They can be resized, outlined and turned into images too.


I like Arial best too, but used Times for my thesis.


My sup cannot stand the sight of times new roman.... she is an arial fan.

I swear by Garamond!


Calibri (Body) is the way forward. It's the future.


I love Century Gothic.

Use Times New Roman for the thesis.

I hate Arial.


Trebuchet MS. Won't use anything else. :-)


I like Garamond and Georgia for many things, but have stuck with Times New Roman for the thesis because I think it is easier to read in longer documents.


My personal favourite is Wing Dings, but for writing I would use Arial. I wrote my thesis using LaTeX.


I've just had fun playing with the suggested fonts - I do love a spot of procrastination. :-) I have to admit I always quite liked Comic Sans. :$

I have just done some *ahem* research (i.e. trying out different fonts for the piece I'm writing) and found that I rather like Nyala. Who knows, maybe it will even increase my productivity.


Quote From phdbug:

My sup cannot stand the sight of times new roman.... she is an arial fan.

I swear by Garamond!

Glad it's not just me bug! I'm currently writing the thesis in Garamond and just waiting for one of the sups to express outrage. :p


I confess I am tempted to submit work in a really silly font, like Curlz or Delta, just to see the comments my sup. would make.

I've just found a font called "Hobbit", and another called "Super Fly" (presumably the latter is exclusively for the use of guys from 1970s Harlem, who wear pimp-hats with a feather)