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I am now 4 months into my postdoc and have still 3 more years left. Now I am wondering how this works with the public pay freeze. I assume we as postdocs are also affected by this change. Or are we somewhat an exemption as our money has already been allocated for us in the months before this announcement. Further, my salary has been inflation-linked, will this remain in the future or is this also a thing of the past.

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This budget is only for the Elite class. Why we cannot implement a taxation system like Denmark rather than stealing bread and butter from the average Briton. There should be a rising taxation band tied to the income.
I hate these wolves in sheep's clothing.


Hi guys,

I came on the forum with exactly the same question. It seems that public salaries over 21k will be frozen for 2 years, but the question is if a post-doc fits in this category. Some of my senior colleagues mentioned that their universities already specified that they will lose the 3% inflation adjustment, although nobody is sure about a proper pay freeze (which will probably happen anyway) :-(


My husband (who is a Chartered Accountant) said that the pay scales will be frozen so you should get your increment but it's the cost of living rise which is frozen.


Thanks for the info Jepsonclough, maybe it's not as dreadful as I expected, but is still bad.


YOur university employer will have put you on a particular grade and this will set out the grades you will advance through year on year.

You will still advance through the grades, but the pay level of those grades will be frozen for 2 years, rather than increasing in line with inflation.

Sadly, such is the depoliticisation of contemporary society that the civil disobedince that ought to accompany this budget will be non-existent vis-a-vis the shoulder-shruuing, atomised apathy that will form the largest social response.

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Yeah, WJ, I say a revolution is in order, but I think we will go slowly and soporificlly to the slaughter, while we drown in a sea of 'location, location, location' and the wealthy revel in cheap services and biased taxes.