Publishing a second paper


I had my first paper published just before my transfer interview, which was good timing!
I'd like to try to publish another, so my question is should I opt for the same journal or approach somewhere new? Are there any conventions or etiquette around this?
Thanks, Mog


No particular conventions in my field

if your article is similar to the last one, maybe the same journal is fine, or if you think you could get higher impact, then go for it.

There is'nt really such a thing as publishing etiquette, it's not like journals have feelings or anything, as a general rule aim to submit to the best journal you think might accept your article. Obviously if its the same article, you can only have it published once, but you probably already know that.


Hey Mog! Definitely try another journal- it's good to show that you can publish in a variety of journals! I have 2 publications in the same journal but the others (accepted and submitted papers) are all in different journals. I was advised to go for different ones rather than developing 'favourites', although I know a lot of academics have a favoured journal or two where they know their work is likely to be accepted if they can't think of anywhere else to submit it or it gets rejected from other journals. Good luck! KB


In my field (humanities) it's definitely not the done thing to publish repeatedly in the same journal. Which causes problems when, as a post-doc like me, you have lots of papers published/in-progress, and are trying to figure out where to send them to!

I'd recommend asking your supervisor for advice. They should be able to advise you based on your own field and knowing your own research interests.



It all depends on the field you are in. If your first paper was a research in progress paper there could be a possibility of submitting it to the same journal to show your findings. Alternatively, if you could get it into another journal that would be great... but it depends on the journals ranking. if you got into a well established journal initially then maybe try it again.. alternatively, you could aim for a higher journal in terms of its ranking position. any feedback you get from the reviews could help with future journal submission! all the best :)


Thanks all! The first paper was in a well-respected journal so I guess I'll have to keep aiming high!
THanks as ever for the advice, M :-)