question on book review


I have been offered to review a book. It is written by one author only (it is not a collective work) and effectively it is divided into three parts, which are on the same field, but deal with completely different topics and are not that connected to each other. I am more interested (and specialise) in part 2. Do I only review only this part, only briefly mentioning the other parts? Or I have to review all parts equally? What do you think? The review must be under 1500 words.



Can anyone help?


Just going on common sense, I assume you should review the piece evenly and give it an overall holistic treatment. Remember, other readers may not be interested in the section you are, so if you just focus on that you effectively narrow your reading audience who will find your review useful.

That was just my 100% uninformed opinion btw.


I am reviewing the whole book after all. Thanks.