Quitting a PhD


Just a little word of advice for those seriously considering quitting (and you will know when it is a serious consideration and not just the PhD blues)...

I was told my job prospects etc. would be virtually nil by my supervisor if I quit, it put so much pressure on me to stay where I was, even though I was depressed and so unhappy. colleagues said I'd have major problems being taken seriously after it...

But of course I did quit anyway, and it has been the best decision I could ever have made. The surprising thing is though, people who were against me quitting and gave me all the doom and gloom remarks totally changed their tune afterwards, and I got two PhD offers after I quit (I didn't apply for them, they were offers from people I used to work for), and I am now doing something I'm so happy with, and they didn't even bat an eyelid that I quit a PhD!

So just follow your heart, think things through properly and plan for your resignation carefully, and you'll be fine xxx


I'm thinking about doing what you did. How many years of your phd had you completed when you left?


thats great advice. I quit my PhD recently and it was the best desicion i ever made, worse things happen at sea. I really should have done it six months ago, but it was the fear of never getting another chance to do reseach and how prospective employers would look upon it. in effect i felt i had no way out.

the best advice i can give is dont listen to what people say, if they are only making negative comments. Saying to a student they would have no job prospects, is despicible and manipulative if anything else.

i think if a person has been accepted on to a PhD program, they are likely to have an excellent academic backround.so with regard to job prospects, i dont think its going to make much of a difference.
ive already had an offer of a PhD from another univeristy and i might actually be able to still do a PhD at my current univeristy.


I was just into my second year, but I had been having serious doubts about it after just six months in - it was the scary negative comments I kept getting from my supervisor and other lab colleagues that made me too scared to leave earlier - I was given all these stories about people that's left PhD's and were at a major disadvantage for it etc. But really this has not been the case, I feel so much better for leaving and I have many more opportunities now than ever before! I actually feel more prepared to make an informed decision about what career I want to follow because what I've been through this last year has made me realise a lot.


I was in second year too, and I had all the negative stories as well!!! My supervisor was an idiot, made me feel so bad for even considering quitting. But giving it up has given me a new lease of life and I am happier than ever! The only thing that bugs me is that lots of people ask me what the gossip is my old lab and what everyone is up to, but I have not been back in nearly three months and have no inclination to know what my ex colleagues are up to! (Some of them don't even talk to me anymore anyway since I quit, how sad!).


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