Recording of online viva- academic scandal


Please, I need advice from someone with legal background toward academic misconduct.
I had my online viva last week with major unnecessary corrections.

Apperantly, my internal examiner is not tec savy so he mistakenly shared the vidoe where he and the external examiner were discussing my viva outcome.

The video was a scandal and I felt shocked after seeing it . They were mocking me and laughing and then said some mean comments about my country ( could be considered kind of racism)

The external was ok with minor revisions and she suggested that rewriting is not fair to me. However, the internal tried to push the external for major revision.

“Then they started negotiating some comments: let her rewrite the literature, and let her merge her findings of the data and then maybe rewrite the conclusion”

I was enraged by how unprofessional and unfair they were. I spent 3 years of agony and hardwork and then to see them suggesting some comments just to let me get major corrections were extremely unfair.

Then the external alerted the internal that their meeting was recorded and that they said some stuff that should not be recorded then the internal stated do not worry “ I will cut these parts”
My question is :
This video was sent to me by the internal can I use it to raise academic misconduct and refute their corrections.

They suggested a number of amendments and I only agreed with two of them.
Can I use this video against them or shall I just remain passive Do the corrections and move with my life ( however, one of the corrections is not doable)

Please , help


That's shocking! I'm sorry to hear about this, especially the alleged racism part. Was there not an independent chair overseeing the viva? Usually there's a third person present to make sure the viva's conducted fairly. This is the procedure followed at my institution. Personally I would raise the necessary paperwork to begin the internal complaints procedure. Of course you need to weigh that up against the possibility of it dragging on for several weeks/months before an outcome is reached.

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Quote From Phd20sb:
I had my online viva last week with major unnecessary corrections.

I am assuming, congratulations on passing your viva! I understand that it is not ideal but a pass is a pass and you have done well.

I know at my university it is very difficult to make a complaint against the corrections themselves. However if your internal was blatantly racist and biased you can might be able to make a complaint against the examiner. I would talk with your student union and your supervisor about your options. If the video includes any signs of racism you should have a good case.

Although I would be careful with what you ask for. The university complaint procedure is usually stacked against the student and fair results are rare. It may be easier if you raise the complaint and submit the bare minimum of corrections. They might just accept the corrections to stop the complaint.


I would absolutely encourage you to raise a complaint and seek an apology. Speaking out against racism and unprofessional academics is the only way either of these things will ever change.

I'm sorry you had to experience this but I'm also glad the internal's technological incompetence led to their true colours being revealed :) It's only fair that you let the uni know the way their employees behave.