Reproducing figures from books in your own work


This probably sounds really silly if you do it all the time in your work - but I have never reproduced a figure for anything and so am not aware of the protocols.

The one I am thinking of doing would be easy to reproduce in Word using straight lines and text boxes - it represents the balance of power in the research method I propose to use (biographical narrative interpretive method). This methodology is very specific and quite 'new' so I think using an image would be quite useful, if well-explained, to show the concept and process to the reviewers (this proposal is for my research plan approval meeting).

So do you think this is a good idea - and how should I reference is using the Harvard style?

Thanks, Natassia


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I haven't reproduced a table either, but when I see them reproduced in books they always say (adapted from So and So, 2009) underneath them. Hope this helps ;-)
Good luck!


I always write Adapted from: XYZ, 2011 in the caption, whenever I use an image from a book which I have modified. I have also seen Redrawn from ZYZ, 2011, if you are replicating it exactly. Good luck.

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I've got three figures that sound quite similar to yours that explain theories I'm using, and when I include them in papers I always put something like '(From Bloggs et al 1999)' or '(Adapted from Bloggs et al 1999)' or whatever. Seems to be the standard way to do it.


Thank you all for the replies.

I think I will have to make a few changes if I use it so it won't be a direct copy, so I will have to say that I have adapted it. It's reassuring that others have used them to explain theories as well - sounds like the 'done thing' here.



Hi Natassia

If you've added to it I would cite is as (adapted and extended from Einstein, 1916). This makes it clear where you got it from but also shouts out that you've added something.

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Are there issues with copyright? Where I have used figures from others work - even where these have been altered I have always contacted the publisher for permission to use them. They then give me the attribution text the would like to see used.