Research grant



I have been applying many research grants but no luck. The competition is very tough but I think I have written the proposal as best as I could.

Anyone would like to share his/her experience?

I am working at a university at the moment, but I find that I don't have enough time to prepare for classes, supervise student project,do administrative job let alone write paper or find a very good/ solid idea to apply for grants. For those academicians out there, how do you manage? Isn't looking for ideas take a lot of time. How to shorten it?

Thanks for sharing.


You work extremely long hours and get accustomed to rejection I'm afraid. Teaching prep takes less time when you haven't got all new courses to prepare, so that will get easier. On the grants, get any feedback you can, improve it, tweak it to fit new requirements, and apply to another funder. In my field a 20% success rate in grant applications is doing pretty well and you have to recycle ideas in new and improved formats. It can also be helpful to try and work together with a more senior academic with a good track record in getting funding on a joint application, to see what they are doing differently. But it's also worth knowing your strengths. If you aren't someone with lots of ideas about your future research agenda, but are a great teacher, then look carefully at what your employer is expecting - could you instead apply for funding to do pedagogical research and still have it count to whatever target you need to hit for instance?