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Please anyone can help me or give some suggestions for writing a phd research proposal. its only about 2000 characters and i dnt have any clue where to and how to make a start.
i dnt have much , it needs to be submitted by this Monday ...please help



I'm not sure what university you are applying to or in which field and have no idea what your university is looking for in a research proposal. You should bear in mind that in most cases your initial proposal will in no way reflect the topic you will undertake in doing your Phd so don't worry about trying to finalise your research proposal at this stage. I assume you have a topic chosen and have done all your background reading and have now just to write your proposal. My proposal had to be 3,000 words and I broke it down into headings. As yours is only 2,000 words you may wish to use all or some of these depending on the nature of your proposal. My area of study is in the social sciences and the headings I used are as follows:

(1) Project Title; (2) Background & Context; (3) Review of Literature; (4) Research Aims & Objectives; (5) Overview of Objectives; (6) Research Structure; (7) Methodology; (8) Research Design & Questions; and (9) Significance of Study.

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2000 characters or 2000 words?

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thank you so much!!

its 2000 characters including spaces.
its an initial proposal which will be submitted with the application .

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its biological sciences at birmingham university. it has to be submitted by monday but i hvnt started writing yet. guess not gona be too good .


As it's approximately a page i would write just the introductory research proposal. You shouldn't put all the sections told by Alan.
My suggestion is:
1) Problem statement: state the problem in one sentence. Then elaborate in few sentences. You can give a concrete example of the problem for example.
2) Purpose of the research: The objective of the study is...
3)Significance: why the study is important, what are the implications...

Don't worry. You have plenty of time but start to write now so you will have time to read and correct before submiting. 
Good luck!


thank you so much Blue !