Research that has many references vs. limited references?


I noticed that (sometimes) it would be better to do research with a lot of related references to refer to, is this true?

Any opinions?


Not at all, a dearth of references is a sign that there may well be ample opportunities for original research. That's the case in the niche I'm studying.


That's good to know. Thanks.

How are you doing Doc? : )


I need to give myself a big kick up the backside - otherwise fine, thanks :)


Hi. see references ahoy on nursing and education platform web. The great thinkers eg Freud, had very little references. Refs prove that you have done a complete search around the topic. Yet I still meet Profs who are unaware of the great early pieces of work and so sometimes, re-invent the wheel. It is good practice to acknowledge someone who works on similar however.Yes there can be independent thought but we need to acknowledge others who may think similar. Often I think what I believe to be original and found someone else has said similar. I do not feel miffed, just relieved!Unfortunately, publishers prefer that which they feel comfortable with-- not the unusual. Is that why the big bang theory took so long??


I used very many references in my thesis, because I did not want to be blamed for plagiarism. When I was asked to R&R I was asked to reduce the number of references.