Retake studies/Go back into the academic flow/Starting over(sort of)


Hello All!
Well I haven't been in here for a while, and to make a long story short, after some moments of despair I submitted, did the viva and got -happily- referred. Now I have 1 year to resubmit the thesis (or the rest of it) and I need to pull myself back into the PhD. Initially I was quite active going into conferences and seminars and writing a bit but I have slowed down again, a lot. How to keep motivated/regain motivation, how to get things going again? I've been thinking of retaking a routine...which works for you? Anyone out there in a similar situation? Thanks lots! M.


Hi mariecherry84, some people have set up accountability threads on here - might that help?

Does anyone have any tips on staying motivated towards the end of your PhD?


Going into conferences and seminars can help you get into the student swing of things, but I'd suggest it's not what you should be focusing on. You need to focus on your thesis, and what needs to be done to sort it out.

First of all I'm assuming that you've got a detailed report from the examiners on what needs to be done. If not chase this up.

Have you met your supervisor? Are they supporting you? They may have useful advice on how to approach the resubmission.

Most of all though you need to sit down, maybe with a cup of tea and a biscuit as a treat, and work through the examiners' report and work out what you need to do. Convert that report into a to-do list of tasks. Don't make them big ones, but rather break them down into small things you can be getting on with. Then think about which tasks you might tackle first.

A routine can help, but only if that suits you. It wouldn't have worked for me, because my neurological condition varies all the time. So rather I would grab odd moments, work in spurts. My to-do list was vital for finishing off my thesis (I wasn't referred).

Then once you start tackling the to-do list you should find - whether you are working to a routine or more sporadically - that your confidence grows. Cross off each item on the list as you do it, and move on to another task in the list. You do not have to tackle the list in sequential order. Rather you are probably better off tackling tasks in the order of most-manageable / least unappealing, if you're anything like me.

But yes, focus on your writing. That's really what you need to do at the moment. And see if your supervisor can offer good tips.

Good luck!


Google 'my tomatoes timer'. It worked for me. Also, I made promises to myself, such as: I resubmit my thesis and one day after resubmitting, I am going on holiday. It worked for me.


Thanks! Sorry for the late late late reply. Yes my supervisors are supporting although they have opted to not contact me until I get work done - I should contact them. Their advice was very similar to what you said, again thanks. I've tried for a routine but no success there , so perhaps I work better as you have. I suppose the harder bit is to see this process as just something to do rather as a evidence of lack of success.