Revise, resubmit, reviva


Hi everyone,
I'm going through a very bad situation. I had my phd viva recently and it was disaster. My examiners wanted me to revise, resubmit and resit the viva. I and my supervisors are shocked to hear the result.
Now, I'm confused whether my revised thesis and viva will be again taken by the previous examiners??? I really don't wish to sit inront of anyone. It was a huge disaster last time. Anybody had ever experienced such a situation? Is it possible to pass the viva in a second chance?
Thank you


Hi, I am not sure what you are asking here! Yes of course the same examiners will look at your thesis again. Have you received a report yet? What was their problem with your work?

It is possible to pass the second viva, if you fix the thesis. They would have failed you outright if they didnt think you could make it. Consider yourself lucky, they gave you another chance.


I am really sorry to hear about your situation. However, if you have made the necessary changes to your research proposal/synopsis/thesis based on the feedback given to you by your examiners, then you should not have an issue in passing your viva the second time. You can consider this as a positive improvement to your research proposal/synopsis/thesis, which will only benefit you as an author and as a continually evolving researcher.


I am so sorry about your phd viva. I think you could still be in shock. Give yourself time to recover, and then start working on the revisions. It will get easier the second time. I'm sure your supervisors will also want you to pass. Get them involved in your revisions, schedule more meetings with them, set manageable deadlines to meet up or show them your work.


There is a point you have to reach where you accept that in order to get your phd you have to fix/format your work to the standards of people you might not agree with. Suck it up. Do the work. Move on. And forget this.