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Difference between 'Peer Review' and 'Under Review' for journal submission

‘Peer review is the process of searching for an appropriate Peer reviewers to go through your paper. ‘Under Review’ is the process where, the peer reviewer is going through your paper. Hence, the status is under review. If you do not have a better network where you can get access to experts to peer review you can always opt for professional help.
Many universities provide a lot of help in this area. Check accordingly.
Here is my recommendation, see if its helpful to you - https://www.enago.com/publication-support-services/peer-review-process.htm

All the best!

First months of PhD and already thinking of quitting

I would like to congratulate you on your admission to PhD. Coming to your query, I think communication is the key, different universities have different approach on how you need to complete your courses. Speak with your Lab mates and colleagues, find out how they managed to get their things done. Most importantly, speak to your supervisor, explain your situation and seek his guidance on how to go about your project. I am sure your supervisor will understand your situation and guide you accordingly. Usually professors are busy with other responsibilities, hence they tend to neglect their students. I am sure, once you talk to your supervisor and seniors you will get a better picture of how you can manage your situation well. Do not lose hope even before trying. All the best.

Can you recommend good editing/proof-reading service, please?

It is always better to find experts in your fields to edit and proof-read. I would recommend following services. They have wide range of services, with experts in different fields.

Top tips for finishing thesis (while working full time)

Doing a PhD is important for a researcher’s career. However, it may get tedious and monotonous at some point of time. To overcome this, you need to take a break from your writing and come back to it after some time. If you are working part-time besides your PhD, time management becomes a big issue. Planning effectively is one of the important points to be kept in mind, besides using project management software. There are other time management skills that will be helpful in your research. - https://www.enago.com/academy/time-management-tips-for-researchers/
Besides these, there are a few tips that you can follow to earn money besides doing your PhD.

Professional proofreader before or after viva?

Proofreading is definitely important before you face the viva for your research. Human error can never be avoided, hence it is always better to proofread the document once drafted. Proofreading the document is the best option. However, due to lack of time, we might need to avail professional proofreading and consequent editing service. The professional proofreading and editing service might also be helpful in finding the errors which our eyes have overlooked. Hence it is highly recommended. If you're concerned about the charges its always better to get it verified from your peers or friends and then go for professionals. Here is the link to professional proofreader service -

Subject for PhD

Hey, I guess this article will answer all your questions. Your interest in the subject, feasibility of the research, your potential and skills are some of the factors that play a very important role here.



I believe its a combination of both. Both these types of skills take time to develop so I would recommend you keep balance. I have seen people with great technical knowledge and skills lack basic soft skills like communication and presentation skills. Also I have seen people with great soft skills struggling to compete with those with great technical skills. So my suggestion would be to balance both.
These are some of the skills that researchers must develop.

How to choose a research topics for better research experience?
Certified translation of transcripts (grad school application)

Check out Ulatus website. They are ISO certified and can help you in this. I have a friend who used their services last year. -

Proof reading

Hey Pokahonda, check this link out, might help you. -

Academic English

Quote From final_stage:
I got lucky, my supervisor agreed to editing for English and referencing paid by the university, so now my writing time can be faster.
My friend recommended me http://english-proof-reading.webs.com/ this one, can someone else recommend such a service as well that they know to be professional and accurate? I do not want to select one which does not do a perfect job.

I have used Enago english editing service-
they were quick and good

Published in new peer-reviewed open access online journal: something to celebrate?

Firstly, congratulations on your first publication. Achieving this in your first year is quite an achievement. As for journals, the more publications you have under your belt, the better the journals you can start publishing in. As for your CV, most PhD graduates are not able to get their first publication in the first year. This itself makes you stand out from the rest of your peers. As you move ahead in your course, keep working on getting more papers published as it will only boost your chances of getting into more prestigious journals.

A more fruitful journal search

I too had a similar problem with finding suitable journal articles for my research and this post does provide some really relevant tips. I have looked through Google Scholar and although I did manage to find some related articles, I do not find overall as a very good tool in this regard. I shall take a deeper look at the Web of Science database and hope to find something better.

PhD Writing up Tips ?

The best way forward is as mentioned above which is to two the last 2 working chapters into smaller sections and target those sections first. Once you start getting done with the initial sections, you will eventually get motivated to move ahead and make progress with the remainder of the papers. Here’s wishing you all the motivation to complete your paper and get successfully published.

How to include all. Phd application critical writing, cover letter and CV.

I always prefer attaching my cover letter along with my CV. I think that’show I’ve seen most of my peers do it. With respect to critical writing, I guess the university would like to assess your how good you are at making well-reasoned arguments. The best way to go about this is to contact the university and know if they have any specific requirements in terms of formatting and content. From there you could either use your previous masters research and give a critical analysis or have a look at a topic in your field and provide a short but comprehensive analysis on it.