Should I go to this conference?!


Hello all,

I had a abstract accepted for a really amazing conference and I am in my first year so this is big news!

However, the topic I initially submitted is COMPLETELY different to what I am not doing. If I go to this conference, I will have to write up about a completely different topic (I chose to do a poster btw) - I don't know if I can do it. Like, is it bad to deter away from my actual research to do this? Or is this just a time management thing?

I mean some people do classes/work alongside PhD's so I guess it is doable - I guess I am just unsure.

What do you think?



Congrats! That's exciting! A poster doesn't need to be much work - only as many hours as you allot to it. You could make a poster in an evening if you already have your results and things and just need to think about how to present them nicely.

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Yes. Go for it! I think going to conferences outside your field is incredibly useful and gives you insight on how to better apply your own work. I agree with Tudor_Queen, a poster doesn't take too long to make once you know the basics and you don't need a lot of content (use of lots of pictures).