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2 country PhD study???

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well during lockdown.

I had a question - is a 2 country comparative analysis for a PhD (social sciences) possible/allowed?! I am currently on intermission so technically not allowed to contact my supervisors (and they are taking that seriously...!) to ask.

But I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it? Is it common? How did it go?


Should I go to this conference?!

Hello all,

I had a abstract accepted for a really amazing conference and I am in my first year so this is big news!

However, the topic I initially submitted is COMPLETELY different to what I am not doing. If I go to this conference, I will have to write up about a completely different topic (I chose to do a poster btw) - I don't know if I can do it. Like, is it bad to deter away from my actual research to do this? Or is this just a time management thing?

I mean some people do classes/work alongside PhD's so I guess it is doable - I guess I am just unsure.

What do you think?


Unemployed PhD

I don't think this is something personal - you are just going through a rough patch. If I were you - I would keep applying, applying, applying!!! Just don't loose faith - you will get something that suits your qualifications and all eventually. This is common in every field and with loads of people.

Third master's as part of 1+3 studentship: career suicide?

Can I just ask - why is it not good to have three masters (in your sector)?