Should I stay or leave my PhD?


I am stuck. I am a first year biophysics PhD student, but lately I have had a growing interest in the neuroscience field. My research now isn't connected to neuroscience though (biophysics of molecular motors in cells). Whenever I am not in the lab, I am also reading papers relating to neuroplasticity/neurotransmitter release. I'm almost wondering if I chose the wrong field, because I might like neuroscience a little more. On the one hand, my gut is telling me if I drop out I might burn bridges or might have trouble finding work. I have had so many things going for me (a great/supportive advisor and lab group and was recently awarded a fellowship). On the other, my gut is also telling me I am missing out on the opportunities in neuroscience. So not exactly sure what to do.


Finish the PhD. The PhD is training on how to do research, the topic is largely irrelevant. You have a fellowship and a supportive environment, which is just as good as it gets.

Apply for a postdoc anywhere you wish. My undergraduate degree is so different from my postdoc that people just stare at me when I tell my story :) in the department I did the PhD you could find architects, psychologists, mechanical engineers, physicists, mathematicians, epidemiologists, medics, chemists, microbiologist, economists working on the SAME project :)

Good luck!