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Should I stay or leave my PhD?

I am stuck. I am a first year biophysics PhD student, but lately I have had a growing interest in the neuroscience field. My research now isn't connected to neuroscience though (biophysics of molecular motors in cells). Whenever I am not in the lab, I am also reading papers relating to neuroplasticity/neurotransmitter release. I'm almost wondering if I chose the wrong field, because I might like neuroscience a little more. On the one hand, my gut is telling me if I drop out I might burn bridges or might have trouble finding work. I have had so many things going for me (a great/supportive advisor and lab group and was recently awarded a fellowship). On the other, my gut is also telling me I am missing out on the opportunities in neuroscience. So not exactly sure what to do.

How possible is it to switch fields after a PhD (for post doc lab)?

I am studying biophysics (cell molecular motors specifically) but might want to branch into neuroscience for my post doc. How possible is this?