Shut Up and Write??

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Hi folks, it's really do or die time for me to write up my work. I still have difficulties sticking to the task and constantly procrastinate with writing. What I have found helpful was Shut up and write style workshops.
I am trying to find one like SUW Tuesdays which is moderated on Twitter. But their twice a month schedule is way to infrequent for me.
Any suggestions? Or anyone here wanting to get on board some virtual writing workshop?

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Hi Ruffles,

This is a great idea! I'm up for it! Writing is now do or die for me too.

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Quote From Mathcomp:
Hi Ruffles,

This is a great idea! I'm up for it! Writing is now do or die for me too.

Hi Mathcomp! Great!! Let's do this thing. I shall PM re how to go about this!


I've never heard of this before, I googled it and it says it's about going to coffee shops and writing. How would it work online? I need all the help I can get to write this bloomin' thesis =)


Not sure how it would work online either! We had this at Keele, and it does work well. Just about helping the discipline of sitting and writing for a period of time. Twice a month probaby not often enough, weekly is ideal. TBH might work solo - sit in a coffee shop with your laptop?


I am interested guys, will keep an eye for feedback on how the online version works. Hello, DocInsanity you do that at Keele? Wow! Please, how can I get in touch so I can be part of it. I am studying at King's College London but leave local to Keele so tend to use the library a lot.

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Hi guys! So the idea behind SUW is to force ourselves to commit time to writing without distractions. With my attention span to make any gnat jealous, I tend to get so distracted in coffeeshops I would never get anything done.
So there's a group which is run on Twitter #SUWTues which happens every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month. The moderator calls out start and stop times along with breaks and follows the pomodoro schedule (25 min work; 5 min breaks). Here's the link explaining it.

I have found it useful in real time but again need to be in a room by myself and facing a wall! So I envision doing the same if anyone else is interested but maybe connecting via a phone app or Facebook messenger (or similar, if the group is more than 2 people).


I would be very interested in joining in with this if you end up setting up an online version - I hope to be writing full time from June onwards and have until Sept to submit, and currently only a half drafted thesis! Please keep us updated ruffles :) Thanks.


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Sure Tulip! Hope to power through this thing myself! Will PM you.


Can I join in too please? I have zilch discipline at the minute!


I would also love to be part of this, if you are willing to have me ;-) I am in the humanities, if that matters.