Software Engineering Master Prerequisites



I have a Masters degree in Transport Engineering but I would like to obtain one in Software Engineering / Computer Science / Informatics / Information Technology.

Do you know any Universities or Colleges that don't have a prerequisite of a Batchelor degree in related field of study but accept people with any Engineering degree?



Hi Ciavil , which country are you interested in? Here in the UK there are a few masters "conversion course" in software/comp sci available where you don't need a comp sci background.

As an example -


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Thank you!

I've been mostly interested in Canada, Australia and Germany (but only the courses taught in English - I chose Germany because of the vicinity since I'm from Croatia). I haven't searched for anything in UK, but it is also an option.

I found something interesting called Graduate Diploma (an example:
If I understand correctly it would provide me with a way to get an education in a field of my choice (IT), and also allow me to move on to the Masters studies if I wish.


Here is also another example that follows the Graduate Certificate -> Graduate Diploma -> Master path