Soooo...I passed :)


Hi folks!!
I just wanted to leave a message to let you all know how I got on at my viva, and say a big thanks for all the words of wisdom over the past few years! I had my viva last Wednesday, and I've never been so terrified or apprehensive of anything in my life. The whole week or so before I was panicking, having viva dreams, and generally getting super stressed about the whole thing, so that come Monday morning I was a wreck!
I made it to Wednesday morning somehow (found out on Tuesday night I'd left some data out of the thesis, not good!!) and my viva was that morning. Took about 3 hours, loads of questions and constructive comments, lots of nice hypothesis generating and chat about broader issues in my field, it was actually quite enjoyable really!

I passed in the end with minor corrections which should take a few days to do apparently, and that's me! I was away the next day so that's why I'm only posting now, still only starting to sink in anyway really!!

Anywhoo, good luck to everyone else, and those near the end, keep plodding on, you WILL get there!!!


Congratulations, Dr Algaequeen! That's brilliant news.

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Yay, congratulations! I hope you were away celebrating. Minor corrections is great - must be such a relief!


Wow, well done! I am envious of your minor corrections and aspire to get a result like this. You must be so chuffed and deservedly so.
Congratulations Dr. Algaequeen (up)


Congratulations 8-)


Well done, I'm so pleased for you! Good luck with the corrections, then take a well-deserved holiday. Natassia xx


Fantastic AQ, good show!!

Very pleased for you, you have done very well.

Have a nice break, then those minor corrections and that is it. You are Dr AQ!:-):-)


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Congrads AQ! A renewed sense of hope for the rest of us who have yet to face the firing squad.


Congratulations Dr. Algaequeen, you must be on top of the world and rightly so :-)


Well done Dr Algaequeen!
I am really happy for you and you must feel elated!
I hope to be in the same position soon!

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Congratulations Dr A! What a wonderful achievement...hope all around you (in the flesh) are letting you know how proud of you they are! have a fantastic week of celebrations.


Big congrats AQ... very well deserved ... be great if you could dish the dirt on Q&As.

Have a lovely weekend. Chuff


Now you are Dr AQ!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats AQ, really chuffed for you! Have a fab weekend celebrating! Best, KB