Spelling and quotes


When quoting from other texts, what is the usual thing to do with differences in language, such as American/English differences in spelling (eg emphasising/emphasizing)? Do I copy the quote verbatim, or do I change the spelling difference?


Hi VaiBabe.

I asked my sup that question as i had organisation and organization, her response was to keep it consistent and in your native spelling. i must admit i'm not entirely comfortable with that.. but went with the boss.

what's your view ?


I've been told that you should keep with the spelling in the orginal! :-) Oh what a complicated life we lead! :-)


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Copy the spelling if it's a direct quote followed by [sic] (spelling in context). I do this even if it's just the American spelling of a word to be on the safe side, but I've seen other people not bother. I certainly wouldn't correct spelling in direct quotes, or else I wouldn't be *directly* quoting them :-)