Star wars (Spoiler alert)


Hi everyone,
I watched Star Wars yesterday, there's nobody I can talk to about this -- so I'm posting it here! I feel like this movie isn't really done very well at all, the storyline seems to be hanging in the air.

I wasn't really happy that Han Solo got stabbed by his son and fell of a bridge. The 3D effects were not that great, possibly because of dark colours in space. I liked Ray, who were her parents?

Princess Leia looked better in her later years, and I thought Chewbaca should at least have some (or a few strands of!) grey or white fur. Another thing, I was disappointed that Luke Skywalker ran away and caused so much pain and destruction because he ran away. What kind of Jedi is that???

Does anyone know if Han Solo is still going to be alive?

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My wife and I loved it! I knew Kyle Ren was going to kill his father. Sure, there's plenty of storylines hanging, but it just increases the anticipation...
My wife thinks Rey is Luke S's daughter.


Not really a movie enthusiast, but was forced to go to a cinema due to the hype. This is the first episode I have watched and I enjoyed every second if it.


Makes sense if Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter, I guess that explains her jedi powers. Has anyone else enjoyed Star wars?

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Great movie, really enjoyed it. I went into the theater holding back on my expectations as much as possible (given the hype leading up). I was a 6 year old child when I first saw Star Wars Episode IV back in 1980. The magical experience that I (and millions of other kids) had watching that movie (especially the first mind-blowing 5 min) can't be duplicated as an adult. When Star Wars came out in 1977, no sci-fi movie was within daylight of the special effects, sounds and majestic space opera themes.


I liked it.. I also thought it was well made - if you compare it to episodes 1-3!! My only gripe was that the story line was pretty similar to episode 4 - big planet destroying weapon, some characters with dodgy ancestry etc

Lots of unanswered questions but obviously left that way to make us watch the next two.


hi everyone
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!!!
I have just watched the first star wars again!!! *LOL*
wonder when the next new star wars will be out!
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I quite liked the film - but I'm not much of a Star Wars nut, so went in with different expectations. Thought Kylo Ren was scenery-chewingly good, pre-revelation, but wasn't as interested in his reveal.

BTW - added a spoiler alert to the thread title - just in case anyone clicks without having seen the film yet.


hi Mark_B yes good idea to add the spoiler alert - thanks!
I didn't think Kylo Ren was "serious" enough, he seemed immature and prone to tantrums!
I am still hoping that Han Solo gets rescued by somebody as he fell off the bridge and will just appear in the next star wars!
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Aye - it's interesting that they didn't show a body. But then he'd have to have also survived an exploding planet (?).

Emo Kylo Ren was a bit naff (though he's spawned a pretty funny twitter account - Ridiculously angry, evil Kylo Ren was hilarious - yet still quite ominous.