Startin but never finishing


Does anyone else have the problem where they start stuff but never seem to finish it?

I'm 2.5 years through my PhD and I've got 4 experimental chapters and I'm currently still working on all of them. I'd hoped by this stage to have at least one maybe two finished and just have to write them up. It's so frustrating as I seem to have done a lot of work, but still don't have anything solid to show for it (papers or thesis chapters), is anyone else in a similar position?


Absolutely!!!!im exactly the same, i keep trying to do stuff for my thesis and papers but just cant get it sound right.Im defo not gonna finish in the lab until July if thats any consilaton and im 2.5 years in!


This is my first post on the site. I've returned to writng up my phd thesis after quite a long intermission. I've taken a month off before I start a new job. I've no contact with other students, so I'm feeling rather isolated. I've decided to change the structure of my entire thesis and I've got 2 new supervisors. I feel like I constantly start stuff and never finish it. I actually can feel the butterflies in my stomach by simply expressing this on paper. It would be nice to find out how others motivate themselves to push on through and achieve something.


for me its just a process

Its hard, its tiring, its boring, you become isolated but at the end of the day you have to do it

As you are writing chapters you feel you'll never reach the end of them- but eventually they get done -

I keep expecting to feel a great sense of achievement with every finished chapter - it doesn't happen (for me) because I'm straight on to the next one, or correct the last one etc

I really think its just something you've got to sit down and do, and I think you just have to accept that at some stage in the future there will be a point when its finished