Starting the PhD



I've been lurking in the run up to beginning my PhD (next week!) and just wanted to say 'hi' and find out if there are any other PhD newbies out there?



Hello Paperdoll!! Welcome aboard the forum, and to the life of a PhD student!

I'm not a newbie, just writing up at the moment, but thought i'd say hello anyway! All the best for starting next week, and hope the forum comes in handy throughout your study time - its a great place for help and anonymous screaming :) (hopefully you won't need to, but if you ever do...)

Best wishes,


Thanks KT!

The threads I've been reading have been great for clearing up the "what exactly am I doing?!" question! And of course it's great to know that there are a whole load of other people out there doing the same thing/worrying about the same things/stressing at the same time! But probably best of all that there are lots of you who are in your 2nd and 3rd years and who are surviving it :)



Hi, I am also starting my PhD now, for real. Was accepted about a year ago but due to full time research work on a project closely related to my topic and after getting a full time grant to finish my PhD, I will now be doing nothing else than working on my PhD:)

However, I am already terrified. My daily supervisor is a monster and she has already convinced me that I cannot write anything of worth so I guess I could be more inspired than I am :(

Good luck!


Hi Doll,

Yep, another newbie here! Just started. Good luck with it all.


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Hi Paperdoll,
I'm new to this world too - 2 months in now. Best Of Luck!


Hi People,

I'm new here and also starting next week... is anyone else feeling 'daunted'?? Feel excited as I've wanted this for a looooooong time BUT very nervous and WORRIED too!!!

Please share


I start mine next week too. I'm excited but a bit nervous, I keep worrying that I might not be good enough or that I should have taken a year out to relax first, having come straight from my final exams at the end of a 4 year degree.
I'm sure lots of us are feeling similarly though - we should report back in a few weeks once we settle in :-)


Hi Paperdoll :-)

I'm about to start my PhD too. I have given up my full time job to do it and my last shift is next Friday - I then start my PhD on the Monday. I am so excited and can't wait to get stuck in.

Good luck to yourself and to all other new PhD students out there. Enjoy (up)



Hello, I'm a PhD newbie. :-) Started a subwardenship last week (eurgh freshers) and met up with my department yesterday. We had a little party and I'm currently sitting in bed hungover. Fun fun fun.


Hello everyone :-) I'm not a newbie, just starting my second year, but wanted to say hello to you all and wish you a happy studying experience :-) This forum is great, its been my lifeline - the PhD isn't easy but with so many people to chat to and vent at and posts to read from people ahead of you you can learn so much and reassure yourself that you aren't actually going completely nuts ;-)

Have fun and keep posting, it's great to meet new people :-)



I'm a newbie too! got my first supervisor meeting today - very nervous but looking forward to getting stuck in with some work again!

Good luck to all the other newbies! :)


I am starting soon too. Am meeting my supervisor tomorrow so im also nervous.


Yep, just starting out - first meeting with supervisor yesterday, first tutoring work next week... sitting here with a long reading list, a deadline and no library access or Athens password! (Not officially registered yet due to studentship info trickling through the system...) Thank goodness for Google books...

Exciting times!


Hi Paperdoll

Yet another newbie here. First day tomorrow - equal parts excited and terrified. Good luck!