Submitting today!


Goodbye thesis, channel of ideas and stealer of sleep. Inspirer of great discussions and filter of bullshit. Source of much angst, illumination, poverty and head-banging boredom. Shield from employment, scapegoat for odd behaviour and bad decisions, forger of friendships and excuse for social lameness. Total pain in the arse and battered badge of honour. I dedicate you to me. It’s been a blast.


But you love it really!! Good luck submitting :-)


I am loving your analolgy for your thesis, I can relate to this in so many ways! Good luck for submitting today with no dramas along the way.

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Heh, love the dedication :-)

Good luck today! And hope you get out and celebrate once it's in!


If your thesis is as original as your post = job done. thanks for the smile. Chuff