Summer Break from thesis: Camping suggestions


Hi Guys. I am longing for a one week break from my thesis and i am planning to go camping for a week, has anyone gone camping to a wonderful serene place which they would love to recommend to a Phdier suffering from fatigue and weary to the bone?? Any place between UK and Switzerland will do. I really do need a break otherwise my brain is going to go kaput.
thanks in advance


I'm off to the lakedistrict in a couple of weeks for a camping thesis break. Lots of campsites and very beaautiful. Only problem is you can't guarzntee the weather.... I've been before when it's rained all week.


Thanks C. I have been to the lake district before, its beautiful... and yes, it also rained cats and dogs the whole weekend. Keen to try some other place I haven't been....if not i might just find my way back there.


What about Scotland? Maybe somewhere in The Highlands?, i.e. The Cairngorms, or perhaps the Isle of Skye, or maybe even a bit of Island Hopping??? Its a very beautiful country!!!


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Yorkshire Dales every time! The Lakes gets busy, the Dales not so much. Here's a couple of campsites for you:
It can be rainy in Yorkshire too, but not so much as the Lakes. Lots of the rain gets dumped on the West before it gets to us.8-)


Hi tsipat,

although I am not a camper myself I think it is very beautiful in Germany: plently of forest, lots of hills, mountains and very clean.:-)
Try areas like Eiffel or Sauerland, or further south Black Forest etc.


Fidden Farm campsite on the Isle of Mull - absolute heaven!


whan are the midges out and about in Scotland? I can#t remember is is Sept/Oct time? I'm just thinking if you get caught by them, you will have more than a week off I should think...all that itching and scratching to do :-(. I haven't camped in England for a while, last time I went camping in Wales it snowed BRRRR. i find Greece a better bet! However don't forget to take a book - in a plastic bag, - in case you get withdrawal symptoms ;-)


The Atlantic coast in France. Seafood, Sea and Seafood. French campsites are ace and usually of a really good standard. I stayed at a lovely site near La Rochelle a couple of years ago played ping pong galore, hired a bike and must have covered 150+ km during the week as well as finding some time to kick back and relax.

Have fun where ever you may go.


Many thanks folks, will be googling all your suggested sites! Will keep you posted on the winning site. Anymore Recos, please bring them on!!


Anywhere on the 'ring of kerry' in ireland is beautiful, especially Kenmare, spent many summers camping there in my youth! The weather is not guaranteed at all though ;-)