Summer Transfer Seminar.......


About A year ago I hit this forum when applying for admissions and scholarships all over the world. I mean it NZ, Australia, China, South Africa, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Italy,  USA, and UK. I got admissions but many rejects on studentship. My last application to UK finally got me an interview and I passed and finally started July last year ( accounting Phd). I have done quite well the supervisor is great but the uni is a bit down. I have presented my work in three conferences and done a peer reviewed book chapter from my Literature review.  collected some empirical qualitative data. I send my transfer seminar report end of June. It was reviewed by examiners in one week. Am defending my next week. although the reviewers comments are quite helpful but one reviewers comments are wide and off the mark indicating lack of understanding to key concepts and my research methodology. am scared to death because i don't know what to include in the presentation. some of the things they are asking like modelling techniques that they do not understand. what should I do? anyone in a similar situation?


Part of being a PhD student is having the ability to convey your research to others.  It is possible that the reviewer has not fully understood your research but this is your opportunity to clarify the situation. I find that sometimes graphical presentation may be more helpful than descriptive, if it is possible to achieve for your research? Alternatively, keeping the presentation in simple terms to describe the complexities of your research which may be an alternative approach.  Don't worry about the comments, there will be time post presentation for a discussion of these issues where you can clarify your area. Continue with your presentation in relation to your research but take into account the comments made.  My presentation included an overview of the gap in literature, what methods I had used, what results I had, what these preliminary findings suggested and what my tentative conclusions would be and what implications this had in the wider field, followed lastly by what my next step was going to be. For mine I had no idea of the reviewers comments prior to defence, so at least you have that in hand!!


I passed Passed Passed Passed Passed. Dunni Thanks for your comments. They were really helpful.....Now I have to focus on the hard part and stage.