Supervisor avoidance !


Anyone else delays their meetings with supervisors due to not having done enough work? I am so happy that I have managed to postpone my meeting for 2 weeks :)


Doesn't everyone some point?


Lol, I can relate to that! I have been avoiding my supervisors for about 5 weeks now! I actually snuck into and out of my office last Friday in order not to run into her!


it's understandable, but trying to escape away is never a good way to deal with such situation. would it be better to talk with your supervisor straightforward


Scientific progress is always slow. Any supervisor knows this.
All my PhD students have a weekly 1/2 hour appointment with
me (all these recurrent appointments are visible in our Google group calendar). In many cases during those meetings the PhD student is
telling me that he/she is disappointed by his/her own slow progress. I usually tell them differently. For some reason PhD students often seem to underestimate their own accomplishments. Their keeping (digital) records (1/2 page) of those meetings helps a lot in realizing their progress.

Avoiding a supervisor is always a very bad idea.


I can relate to that panicky feeling before a supervision where you don't think you've got enough to say, or you feel that you haven't worked out how to say it coherently. But I'm sure you've got more to say than you think, and you might go away having learned something new. Sometimes a chance throwaway comment from my supervisor has really made me think about my ideas in a new light. And even though deadlines can be a source of stress, they can help to focus your mind and your ideas.

I think it's important to have regular contact with your supervisor, even if some meetings are quite brief. My supervisor seems to be avoiding me: we haven't met for 3 months (which isn't untypical) and I find the lack of structure and direction quite difficult. In my experience, once you stop having regular scheduled meetings (as I did in my first year) it can become difficult to pin your supervisor down and get the contact you're entitled to.


Oh, it's not just me then. I hate those meetings where I might have well have taped myself saying ...

"I'm sorry, that's not done yet, but I'm getting to it when I can" I can put it on repeat :)