Thank you and update from me


Hi everyone,

I submitted my thesis last week and I'd like to say thank you to everyone for helping me get through the last couple of years. Particularly the regulars on the one goal thread!

I ended up taking a hiatus from the forum as the day after I submitted I got invited to an interview for a lectureship. Cue many sleepless nights and a lot of stress as I spent as much time as I could preparing a presentation for them.

Anyway, I ended up being offered the job! I really can't believe my luck.

I spent a lot of time during my PhD thinking I'd never be able to write the thesis, and even more time thinking that I'd never be capable as working as a lecturer. If I can do it, anyone can!


Wow Star-Shaped, double congrats, for the job and submitting your thesis. I am delighted for you. It's more than good luck, it's just reward for the hard work you have put in. Congrats again (hope your cat is pleased as well!!) (gift)


Great to hear these stories on the forum! Congrats!


Thanks guys! I hope the cat will be OK with it actually, we usually spend our days together but I'm going to be away from home quite a bit. I'm very fortunate though as the University is only 20 miles away. I'd been applying to places all over and was preparing to have to move out of the area. A combination of hard work and the right opportunity coming up at the right time I think!

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Congrats Star Shaped! I hope to follow in your success by submitting ASAP! I have the same issue though - I've just accepted a full time lectureship nearby and am worrying about the dog being left alone all day :-( I think most of my salary will be going on doggy day care :p


I'm delighted you both secured lectureships(up)(up) Sneaks get your thesis submitted and you'll well and truly be sorted!


Congrats to both of you! About time we had some good news on the job front on the forum :) well done! KB


Congrats Star-shaped! I'm really happy you managed to secure a job :-)


i do enjoy the success stories on this forum. i have so many fears about this phd lark and i do genuinely fear a mental/emotional descent so I do love to hear that people are doing well, gives me a bit of inspiration for perspiration! well done star-shaped and sneaks!!


Congratulations, Star-shaped! :-) All the very best to you for the viva (up)


Congratulations!! Reading the success stories on here is tempting me towards a PHD, but have to finish my MBA dissertation first :-)


Thanks everyone!

Well done Sneaks! It is great that you managed to find something close by too! Maybe there are dog walking services who could come and take the dog out during the day?