The funding situation for MAs and MSc


Hello, I just thought I'd ask, if anybody has a broad idea, what the funding situation is like in the UK for doing an MA or MSc? I have a feeling it's harder to get funding for an MA than a PhD...? What kind of sources could you approach for funding? Thank you for any input everyone.


In my discipline there is b*gger all funding for taught postgraduate courses. Excluding the odd few studentship and the usual suspects (Fulbright, overseas govt. funding etc), everyone pretty much has to cough up the tuition fees. Probably the best source remains approaching one's employer for funding.


Hello, in my discipline sources of funding for MSc students are very scarce. I'd say that a first hons. degree is imperative, and that it would most likely need to be a research degree, and the topic would matter a lot. Funding across humanities is rare, especially for MA/MSc. M,x


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Going off my MA year, c.40 people took the MA, and only 3 were funded by a research council. Everybody else self-funded. I was given a university fees bursary that helped because I a narrowly missed funding, but def. in the humanities most people self fund. I took out a career development loan to pay the rest of the fees and living costs, and still had to work part time, so pretty much if you want a MA in the humanities you have to pay for it yourself somehow...

To get funding? A good to high 1:1 score, excellent references and proposal.