The One Goal Thread

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Morning all! It is Friday! This has been a quick week and I did not get half of the things done that I wanted to! Oh well. I have a full day to try power through.

Today I aim to look into a couple of areas of interest that I noted down in my seminar yesterday and see if I can apply them to my thesis, maybe have a suggestion of a new technique/small experiment to do. That will no doubt take all day but I also aim to try make a brief plan of the next 3 weeks before xmas and see what I can get done before the the lab closes for the holidays.

Good luck today everyone. Just saw this on twitter and thought I would share - The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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Morning, and happy Friday!

Today I'm pressing on with my data analysis. I've already been swimming this morning so feel alert (and, erm, cold!). Intend to make good progress today!

Good luck everyone.

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Monday again...

It is very cold dark and wet today but it also signals the start of my 3rd last week of work before xmas... Time to be productive!

Today I aim to finish the data analysis for one section of my work, as well as put together a diagram of the region I am investigating. I also want to try get a rough plan of what I think I will be able to achieve my the time the christmas holidays appear as there is quite a lot I would like to get done.

Hopefullly a successful day ahead. Good luck for having a productive day everyone.

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I've also got three weeks left, til I hand in my as-complete-as-possible thesis to my supervisors. Pressure! I am making progress slowly so hopefully I will make it. But I've managed to respond to this deadline by doing no work at all so far today!

Oh well. First goal of the day - finish reworking the chapter I was looking at yesterday. This might take all day but hopefully I'll have time to move on to something else afterwards.

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At least there is progress Batfink, albeit slowly!!! I hope you managed to finish reworking your chapter.

Today I hope to get onto my diagram that I didn't even have time to think about yesterday. I also have a catch up planned with my supervisor so fingers crossed his mood has improved since our last get together.

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Didn't finish the chapter yesterday, I realised there was a section where I needed to do some extra reading so I did that. Now I just need to write that reading up and finish the chapter. Once I've done that today I'll move onto the data analysis.

Hope the meeting with the supervisor goes well!


Hello all! I'm new on here, but am in the third year of my PhD and have been struggling with procrastination a lot recently. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I've finished lab work for the moment and am supposed to be working on analysis and writing a paper, but haven't written for so long that I'm finding it hard to get into. Add that to the fact that as there's nothing I really have to go into the office for most days, I'm finding it all to easy to 'work from home' in my cosy flat, whilst watching it snow outside and consuming numerous mugs of coffee and hot chocolate!

Anyway, this seems like a good place to find some motivation and hold myself accountable for working :-) Today I need to get done: some marking for undergraduate labs, and check some calculations in my data I've been having trouble with.

Have a good day everyone!

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Batfink, how did the finishing of the chapter go? Fingers crossed you got it out the way. For the first time in months I actually didn't feel like bursting into tears after my supervisor meeting so I guess that is a start...

Welcome Elphie! It sounds like you have joined for the exact same reasons that I have... It is so easy to stay busy when there is practical work to do but as soon as you know you should be doing work in an office it is like procrastination overload!! I hope you manage to get your marking done and look up the calculations!

Today I have been extremely bad and have not gone into the office. I went with my flatmate to get our christmas tree first thing this morning and when it started snowing again I decided it was best (and safer... I hate driving in the snow!) to work from home. I have noted down 4 areas I want to look into today which include doing some material and methods updating and looking into some possible new experiments I can attempt.

Good luck for productivity today people!

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Welcome elphie, I hope you find the thread useful!

Sounds like the supervision session went okay Xtiny, onwards and upwards from that! And don't blame you for working from home in the current weather.

I did get my chapter finished the other day, so I've been working on my data analysis since then. I had something of a breakthrough with it yesterday and now I'm more confident with it than ever, so I'm hoping I can get through the rest of it fairly easily. Today I'm going to write up my recent analyses then press on with more of the same. I might also take an hour or two out to get some Christmas shopping done!

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Yes Batfink, I am looking at 2013 as a brand new start for me (and my PhD) so fingers crossed. Glad to hear you had a break through! Excellent. And I think that will deserve a shopping break! Not long now until the big day (both hand in and xmas!).

I have had a bit of a personal drama in the last few days which concluded last night. As a result so far today I have not managed to do anything productive. So I would LIKE to work through a list of queries I have made about some loose ends in my data analysis and hopefully I can get a couple of other things done today. Fingers crossed.

Good luck today everyone!

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Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend! I am panicking slightly now that I only have 2 weeks until we close for xmas holidays, so much to do, so little time!

Today I aim to get some data analysis done and hopefully produce some tables/statistics for a paper I hope to produce from my current work. I also have a lunch time seminar so that should split up the day a bit.

I hope everyone has a productive Monday!

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I know that panicked feeling, Xtiny! My thesis is due in next Thursday. Eek! I still have some analysis to do, and lots of rewriting of chapters.

I put in long hours over the weekend and am pleased with my progress, so if I can keep that up between now and next Thursday there's a good chance I'll have something close to a complete thesis. But it'll be very tight.

Goals for today:
1.) Go swimming - DONE
2.) Carry out last bit of analysis on the current model
3.) Write up last bit of analysis on the current model
4.) Prepare data files for analysis of final models
5.) Bake biscuits to give to my supervisors during tomorrow's supervision meeting - our last meeting before Christmas, so I want to give them something nice!

Good luck with the work today, everyone!

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Morning. Batfink how did your day go yesterday? Hope you got everything done that you wanted and well done for all the long hours, the end is in sight! Keep going, you are almost there. And biscuit baking sounds awesome, what lucky supervisors!

Today, I hope to set up plates for my runs tomorrow and then I have demonstrating this afternoon. Hopefully I will have time before then to try get the table done that I had planned to do yesterday, my data analysis took me a lot longer than I had hoped.

Hope everyone has a productive Tuesday... 2 weeks until christmas!

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Morning Xtiny. I had a great day yesterday, thanks, got everything on my list done, worked late and went to bed feeling I'd done a good day's work. Well, the biscuits got slightly burnt, but I've picked out the best ones to share with my supervisors!

Data analysis is very frustrating, and always seems to take far longer than anticipated. I feel your pain there!

Today, I'm on campus so have printed out the complete thesis that I have so far (57,000 words) so I can handwrite corrections all over it during the next week. I've got a few admin bits to sort out while I'm here, but otherwise I'm focusing on the final part of my data analysis. I just found a paper that does exactly the analysis I'm doing, so my first task is to read that and make notes on how they did it. Then I need to apply that method to my own data. I also have my supervision meeting to go to. Busy day!

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Good morning!
Oh my goodness, that must feel good to have a printed out thesis?! I have to admit that is the one and only part of writing I enjoy, when you have actually finished a draft and you get to go through the printed out version with a pen! I hope your busy day went well yesterday and your meeting was good.

Today I plan to set up my final 2 plates for all my analysis that I start next year, tying up the loose ends before christmas I guess. I also want to try sort out the data analysis I have done this week and see if I can put any of my conclusions into words rather than tables of p values!

Good luck for everyone today.