The One Goal Thread

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I've had a look back at my accountability thread and decided to ditch it. I never held myself or anyone else accountable so it was pretty farcical. I think where I went wrong was that I was setting myself a huge list of things to do each day, which never got done and then felt rubbish for doing it!

So I wanted to start a new version, where I just give myself one goal at a time, that way things might actually get done and I will be in smug-town!

Anyone else is very welcome to join me!

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My 1st goal today...

Make reports - this is a non-PhD job but has to be done for my sup, I work part time for her in a different role :-(


I shall join you on this quest sneaks! Today, apart from just about managing to drag my sorry ass out of bed, I shall be writing up results from the first set of experiments i did for my chapter. Tally ho!


Write the second half of my conference paper.
(Have had loads of trouble with the first half and am leaving it to one side till later on).

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ooh, can I join too, please? My goal for today is to get to 5,500 words on my literature review.

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Wow everyone has bigger aims than me :$ but I think that's where I slipped up in the past - it just doesn't work for me and I end up demoralised.

Good news. I've done Goal 1!!!! (robin)

Goal 2: install endnote - I've finally got it back from the house I moved out of a few months ago! so I can update all my references wooooo


Redraft/edit the first half of my third chapter before temp job and after temp job tonight. (a few thousand words)

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I think I'm having a post-easter chocolate crash. All my energy's gone! But I have installed endnote.

Goal 3: to do one piece of analysis


Can I join?

I am always more of a lurker but I'm exactly halfway through my PhD now and really need to start making myself accountable and actually producing stuff.

My goal for the rest of the day is to get another 650 words written of the bare bones of a chapter I am working on.

Good luck everyone!

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Complete writing 1st step-by-step procedure for 1st experiment (which I'm still trying desperately to get all the equipment for)


For today: Read two chapters of book.

Good luck everyone


Yay I like this thread. My aim is to skim read and get the notes out of 6 journal articles.

Good luck everyone!


umm...I've not actually made this as my goal but I think given that I've spent most of today trying to do work and I've only written 1 sentence, it's impressive! That's a new low for me! On the plus side, I have emailed my paper to a few family members and totally baffled them with a mass spec methods section and finally got round to cleaning my oven trays with that Oven Pride racks-in-a-bag thing!
Soooo, best get back to my sentence then, see if I can't just go on and make it a whole paragraph!

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ah well i'm half way through my analysis, which should have taken 20 mins really, but has taken ALL day :$ I'm in a funny mood today, I can't quite settle, but I can feel a settled mood coming on. I might persuade hubs to watch football/cricket (not that it will take a lot of persuasion) tonight so I can do work.

Get a pyrolictic (sp?) oven next time, you just burn it all off - t'is great. I just need some kind of similar system for the hoovering - maybe I can put disposable dust sheets down everyweek and then just throw them away with all the dust on them???

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Gah, I've failed to meet my writing target for today. I might have managed but a friend who moved to the other end of the country last year just texted to say he's in town unexpectedly and do I fancy going for a drink. Well, it'd be downright rude not to! So that means holding today's target over until tomorrow. Not good. But I need a night off anyway!

Good luck everyone else! And I think things like cleaning an oven count as progress....